Friday, April 17, 2009

Walden Surfboards Teeniest Wahine

We just know we are watching a future superstar in the making. Vanina may only be 12 but she may be one of the most versatile surfers in years, not just for her age but anywhere. Vanina is shortboarding, longboarding, SUP'ing, and as if that isn't enough an amazing tandem partner to tandem legend Bobby Friedman. Her signature heart boards are turning heads almost as much as she is on them. Already at 12 Vanina is a true waterwomen..ok maybe watergirl!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walden Wahine "Summerland" series

New! The Walden Wahine "Summerland" collection, inspired by California.
Walden Surfboards launched its Walden Wahine series in 2002, inspired by classic Hawaiian designs. Walden Wahine quickly became the top selling women's surfboard line

In 2009 we decided to launch our second collection called "Summerland" which is inspired by California and the classic California surfer girl. This collection has a hippie-beachy-earthy feel but with a modern twist. Currently this collection is only available direct from Walden Surfboards. The full collection will be online at shortly.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lucy Love make-out dress

California Leash Make-up clutch


Catherine Weitzman Jewelry

For those of you that can't make it to our flagship store in Ventura, Ca. you can still get find plenty of Walden surfboards and gear on our website. The walden surfboards website is full of information about our 2009 range of surfboards including a huge selection of boards you can order online. We also offer apparel, supplies, gifts and of course Walden gear but we have not forgotten the girls. The Walden website has information about our famous Walden Wahine surfboards, including fabric choices Coming soon will be information on our new wahine collection.

Also on our website is great Walden girl gear and some chic boutiquey items. We carry surf stuff but our store is really about unique brands that represent all aspects of the beach/surf/island lifestyle. Some of our favorite brands include: Lucy Love, Lilly Pulitzer, Island Cowgirl, Hinu Jewelry, Havaianas, Island company & Capri blue candles just to name a few.

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