Monday, June 29, 2009

South Florida's C. Oricco welcomes Steve Walden

In 1985 three sisters Casey, Kathie and Colleen opened C.Orrico on Palm Beach's South County Road.C.Orrico became one of the flagship stores when Lilly Pulitzer relaunched its brand in the mid 90s - the three sisters embodied the spirit of South Florida chic which of course centered around Lilly Pulitzer. Today C.Orrico is in 6 locations, the flagship store in Palm Beach, West palm beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Delray beach & Hobe sound. The C.Orrico stores combine classic,preppy, resort chic with fun, hip beach style some of the lines they carry include tibi, Trina Trurk, Vineyard Vines, and Nanette Lapore. Their Lilly Pulitzer collection is one of the best with women's, kid's, men's,accessories, swim and gift ware. No trip to south Florida is complete without a trip to C. Orrico.
The C.Orrico sisters are lighthearted, fun, earthy and in no way unapproachable like some of their manicured city surroundings. Visit the palm beach store and take 5 on the big pink sofa by the dressing rooms and one of the sisters might just sit down with you to talk Lilly. This is Lilly country and they are passionate about what the brand represents, beautiful, beach living. C.Orrico has always offered the hard to find and unique including the Lilly Pulitzer Barbie doll, this year they will offer Lilly fans the limited edition Lilly Pulitzer surfboards by Walden Surfboards in Southern California in all three available patterns. These boards are perfect for any surfer girl or cute in a surfer girl inspired beach house. For more information on C.Orrico call 561-659-1284 or visit

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vanina Walsh in Girl's Life magazine

Check Out Walden team rider Vanina Walsh interview in Girl's Life Magazine

Hang Ten with Vanina Walsh!

Eleven-year-old surfer Vanina Walsh is making a serious splash in the surfing world. She tandem surfs with the majorly accomplished Bobby Friedman, and is a Roxy team rider (did we mention she’s still in elementary school?!). She spills her fave
healthy snacks and what she likes to do when she’s not conquering major waves!

GL: What off-the-beach workouts do you enjoy?

Vanina: I enjoy skateboarding on my Kahuna board, it helps me a lot with my stand-up paddle surfing. I recently started gymnastics to help me with my tandem surfing. I also enjoy using my wave-board and RipStick, it helps me with my balance for surfing.

GL: How do you refuel after a hard day of surfing?

VW: After a long and hard day of surfing, I love to go home and make a nice cold smoothie made of Tambor Acai, Yum! Acai is really healthy and I think its great! I like to eat a steak with rice and salad. The steak gives me protein and the rice for carbs and the salad for vitamins. At night I try to rest and watch a surfer flick so I’m ready to go surf again in the morning.

GL: What are your fave healthy snacks?

VW: I love to eat granola bars, and I also love to eat a bowl of fruit, but my favorite healthy snack is a fruit smoothie with strawberries, banana and Acai. I drink a lot of water to keep hydrated after a long day of surfing and being in the sun. I think that it is important to be healthy and athletic, I motivate myself every day to eat good.

GL: Do you play any other sports?

VW: I enjoy skateboarding, gymnastics, and I play other sports just for fun at the beach. A hobby I have is painting. I am inspired by the artist Heather Brown. I think she is a great artist. I have fun doing all of these hobbies and sports. The next time I do a surf trip to the big Island my tandem partner, Bobby Friedman, is going to teach me to go spear fishing. I am soo excited!

GL: What do you love most about surfing?

VW: My favorite thing about surfing would have to be that I can stay out for hours in the ocean trying something new. Knowing I got one inch closer to my goal in surfing is a great feeling. I also love surfing with the people I look up to.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Walden Surfboards at the Marlton, NJ Lilly Pulitzer store

Steve, Shawn with the Lilly Surfboard & Jeep, Marlton, NJ

Walden Surfboards hit the road late May for the 2009 USA tour of Walden dealers on the East coast, pan handle and Texas. We have a full quiver of sample surfboards to show our core dealers. Included in the mix are a single wahine and a single Lilly Pulitzer to show our surfer girl friendly dealers.

On the way back from one dealer, we stopped for dinner and accidentally ended up in front of a Lilly Signature store. In front of the Lilly Signature store was the most outrageous and fun Lilly Signature jeep, decked out in pink and green flowers. A photo op in the making, the Lilly Surfboard had to be photographed with the Lilly Jeep. The Jeep was at the Marlton, NJ Lilly Store.

Turns out the Marlton, NJ Lilly Pulitzer signature store has Walden fans, manager Shawn Baker already owns a Lilly Walden. Shawn's store could not have been more friendly and beautiful, her store felt like a little tropical oasis, they even had beer on hand for Steve so he could sit and chill while the girls chatted it up all things Lilly.

For a great Lilly Experience visit Shawn and her team at The Promenade at Sagemore, 500 Rt. 73 South, Marlton, NJ 08053 phone: 856-489-6751. Contact Shawn as well if you want to order a Lilly Surfboard