Sunday, November 22, 2009

Walden Wahine photoshoot

First shots are in from our Walden Wahine photoshoot featuring some of our new Summerland" boards. What makes this shoot so great is it's a family affair, the boards are Walden's of course, but our model and "face" of Walden Wahine is Steve's daughter Anna and the pictures were shot by other daughter Lizzy. Anna & Lizzy have 6 kid's between them so getting the time to go shoot was not easy but we think the shots are great...look for more images soon.
Anna is holding a 9'0 Walden Wahine which is a magic model slimmed down just for women. The pattern is "poppies" and available by custom order only...we sold out of all inventory already. To get more info contact us at 805.653.1717 or

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walden Surfboards kid's surfboards

Walden Surfboards has been making kid's longboards for years, we have to, Steve Walden is the proud grandfather of 15 grand kids and 1 great grand kid and the grand kids alone keep him shaping. Actually when we launched the Walden Wahine line almost 8 years ago we got inundated with mom's that also wanted surfboards for their kid's so Walden Kid's was born.
All of kid's boards are based on the famous Magic model, our best selling surfboard shape. You can pick any design that our adult boards come in including stripes, panels, colored rails, flames etc. but we also offer super cute and super chic designs just for kid's like hearts for girls and mini flames for boys.
We did this chic 5'6 surfboard using the artwork of super cool designer Heather Ross, the board features swimming mermaids, seahorses and octopus on sea foam blue board. This board is almost too sweet to wax, we know many of these pint size surfboards never make it to the water and are strictly for kid's rooms. In the past we have made surfboards to match wallpaper and bedding.
For more information of Kid's surfboards contact is or 805.653.1717

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Walden Surfboard shop video

Walden Surfboards has dealers worldwide, but we also have our own shop in Ventura, California. Our shop is in an old factory building with lots of character and lots of surfboards. We get asked all the time if we sell more than surfboards and we do. Our store is very girl friendly, besides the Walden Wahine boards, girl gear and apparel we also have a full section of cool surfy gifts. We did a short fun video that gives a quick ( maybe to quick) panoramic of our girls gift section. We carry everything from tropical candles and hula dolls to handmade jewelry. Most is online but not everything. If your in Ventura stop in or visit

Monday, October 12, 2009

Walden Wahine Vanina at Macy's

Walden Surfboards teeniest wahine Vanina Walsh is quite a water girl , as if being a shortboarder, longboarder, Tandem phenom, SUP'r and competitor isn't enough Vanina is also a model for Roxy ( and team rider). Vanina is featured in the current Roxy girls campaigns. Vanina got to check out some of campaign at her local Macy's in Hawaii

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another fabulous Lilly Pulitzer surfboard

Lilly girls get ready to go "ooooohhh".
Late Spring we get a call from a a guy that wants to order a custom Lilly Surfboard for his girlfriend who is a Lilly lover...aren't we all! It's a big surprise and he wants to a find the perfect Lilly fabric for the board. It takes him weeks to track down just the right fabric, he finally finds it on ebay and has it shipped to us from overseas. He wants the color pink on the board to be just right and match the fabric exactly, we come up with a great color scheme and start the board. He calls us to make sure his girlfriend's name is written on the back of the board so it will always be hers.
Start to finish this board took almost 4 months to make and it is fabulous, but the best part is not how totally terrific the board looks but that this is a big surprise, the lucky girlfriend has no idea she is getting a completely custom Walden 9'0 Lilly Pulitzer surfboard and its not for Christmas not her birthday its a "just because I love you" gift. ooooohhhhh

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Walden Wahine Tweets

Walden Wahine & Walden Surfboards are now on twitter. Follow us on Twitter and find out what goes on day to day, minute to minute sometimes at Walden Surfboards. You can follow our tweets in our "About Walden - News" section on our wesbite at

Become a Friend of Walden Wahine & Walden Surfboards on Facebook and get updates as well, see photos and follow our trips.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Walden Wahine "Summerland Collection", two new designs

"Doheny Dots" & "Cardiff Clouds"
Just in...From our new "Summerland" collection, two new Wahine's.
Walden Surfboards launched its Walden Wahine line in 2002 which quickly became the top selling women's surfboard. The original Walden wahine boards were inspired by Hawaii and featured beautiful, classic Island designs. This collection still remains hugely popular.
In 2009 we decided to launch our second collection called "Summerland" which is inspired by California and the classic California surfer girl. This collection has a hippie-beachy feel but still very modern. The collection is available direct from Walden Surfboards or select Walden dealers.
To order call 805.653.1717 or check out

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

New Wahine items at

Life is Good Peace mug
Havaianas green

Lucy Love Makeout dress-peacock

Island Cowgirl triple heart earrings

Envirosax tropical re-usable tote

We know that every Walden Wahine isn't here in Southern California, actually we know from the orders and calls we get that there are Walden Wahines in almost every state even in the most unlikely places like Iowa, Kentucky and Montana. So for the far away wahines we like to feature a few products from our Ventura surf shop that can be ordered online. Every Wahine should have a little surf stoke even if they don't have surf.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Walden Team rider Vanina at the Roxy store

Vanina ( center) is the new Roxy girl

Congrats to Walden Surfboards youngest team rider and Roxy girl Vanina Walsh! Vanina was just spotted by proud parents Jim & Carolyn in the Roxy store window, Vanina's Roxy Girl photos just hit the store windows and are absolutely adorable. We know Roxy ( and walden Surfboards for that matter) only work with the best so we will be seeing a lot more of Vanina. Vanina is a pro in the water and out, looks like she has been modeling for years!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Hiring: Graphic/ Web Designer

Walden Surfboards & Walden Wahine is looking for a great graphic designer with an extensive background in web design. This is a part time position with the possibility of full time work. We prefer a local designer but will consider an artist outside the Southern California area if your really good. Projects include: Ads, catalogs, web design & updates, & t-shirt design.

Interested artists please send your resume/website and or portfolio to

Monday, June 29, 2009

South Florida's C. Oricco welcomes Steve Walden

In 1985 three sisters Casey, Kathie and Colleen opened C.Orrico on Palm Beach's South County Road.C.Orrico became one of the flagship stores when Lilly Pulitzer relaunched its brand in the mid 90s - the three sisters embodied the spirit of South Florida chic which of course centered around Lilly Pulitzer. Today C.Orrico is in 6 locations, the flagship store in Palm Beach, West palm beach, Ft. Lauderdale, Naples, Delray beach & Hobe sound. The C.Orrico stores combine classic,preppy, resort chic with fun, hip beach style some of the lines they carry include tibi, Trina Trurk, Vineyard Vines, and Nanette Lapore. Their Lilly Pulitzer collection is one of the best with women's, kid's, men's,accessories, swim and gift ware. No trip to south Florida is complete without a trip to C. Orrico.
The C.Orrico sisters are lighthearted, fun, earthy and in no way unapproachable like some of their manicured city surroundings. Visit the palm beach store and take 5 on the big pink sofa by the dressing rooms and one of the sisters might just sit down with you to talk Lilly. This is Lilly country and they are passionate about what the brand represents, beautiful, beach living. C.Orrico has always offered the hard to find and unique including the Lilly Pulitzer Barbie doll, this year they will offer Lilly fans the limited edition Lilly Pulitzer surfboards by Walden Surfboards in Southern California in all three available patterns. These boards are perfect for any surfer girl or cute in a surfer girl inspired beach house. For more information on C.Orrico call 561-659-1284 or visit

Saturday, June 20, 2009

Vanina Walsh in Girl's Life magazine

Check Out Walden team rider Vanina Walsh interview in Girl's Life Magazine

Hang Ten with Vanina Walsh!

Eleven-year-old surfer Vanina Walsh is making a serious splash in the surfing world. She tandem surfs with the majorly accomplished Bobby Friedman, and is a Roxy team rider (did we mention she’s still in elementary school?!). She spills her fave
healthy snacks and what she likes to do when she’s not conquering major waves!

GL: What off-the-beach workouts do you enjoy?

Vanina: I enjoy skateboarding on my Kahuna board, it helps me a lot with my stand-up paddle surfing. I recently started gymnastics to help me with my tandem surfing. I also enjoy using my wave-board and RipStick, it helps me with my balance for surfing.

GL: How do you refuel after a hard day of surfing?

VW: After a long and hard day of surfing, I love to go home and make a nice cold smoothie made of Tambor Acai, Yum! Acai is really healthy and I think its great! I like to eat a steak with rice and salad. The steak gives me protein and the rice for carbs and the salad for vitamins. At night I try to rest and watch a surfer flick so I’m ready to go surf again in the morning.

GL: What are your fave healthy snacks?

VW: I love to eat granola bars, and I also love to eat a bowl of fruit, but my favorite healthy snack is a fruit smoothie with strawberries, banana and Acai. I drink a lot of water to keep hydrated after a long day of surfing and being in the sun. I think that it is important to be healthy and athletic, I motivate myself every day to eat good.

GL: Do you play any other sports?

VW: I enjoy skateboarding, gymnastics, and I play other sports just for fun at the beach. A hobby I have is painting. I am inspired by the artist Heather Brown. I think she is a great artist. I have fun doing all of these hobbies and sports. The next time I do a surf trip to the big Island my tandem partner, Bobby Friedman, is going to teach me to go spear fishing. I am soo excited!

GL: What do you love most about surfing?

VW: My favorite thing about surfing would have to be that I can stay out for hours in the ocean trying something new. Knowing I got one inch closer to my goal in surfing is a great feeling. I also love surfing with the people I look up to.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Walden Surfboards at the Marlton, NJ Lilly Pulitzer store

Steve, Shawn with the Lilly Surfboard & Jeep, Marlton, NJ

Walden Surfboards hit the road late May for the 2009 USA tour of Walden dealers on the East coast, pan handle and Texas. We have a full quiver of sample surfboards to show our core dealers. Included in the mix are a single wahine and a single Lilly Pulitzer to show our surfer girl friendly dealers.

On the way back from one dealer, we stopped for dinner and accidentally ended up in front of a Lilly Signature store. In front of the Lilly Signature store was the most outrageous and fun Lilly Signature jeep, decked out in pink and green flowers. A photo op in the making, the Lilly Surfboard had to be photographed with the Lilly Jeep. The Jeep was at the Marlton, NJ Lilly Store.

Turns out the Marlton, NJ Lilly Pulitzer signature store has Walden fans, manager Shawn Baker already owns a Lilly Walden. Shawn's store could not have been more friendly and beautiful, her store felt like a little tropical oasis, they even had beer on hand for Steve so he could sit and chill while the girls chatted it up all things Lilly.

For a great Lilly Experience visit Shawn and her team at The Promenade at Sagemore, 500 Rt. 73 South, Marlton, NJ 08053 phone: 856-489-6751. Contact Shawn as well if you want to order a Lilly Surfboard

Thursday, May 28, 2009

"Lucy Love" Tye dye maxi dress

New Havaianas slim strap metallic sandal

"Surf Girl" book by Roxy I fyour not a surfer girl already this book will inspire you to become one

Island Cowgirl peace pendant, one of our favorites from Islnd cowgirl

Walden Wahine "cruising" thermal

Calling all Walden wahine's stop by our Ventura store or check us out online at for our latest arrivals just in time for summer. We have new arrivals every week, right now we just can't get enough of the Lucy Love dresses and new Havaianas slim sandals.

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Walden Baby!

Analei wearing "Bathing beauty"
Kalia on her 5'6 teeny weeny wahine

Leiana in a Walden Lap T-shirt and sun hat

What does a surf legend and master shaper like Steve Walden do when number 10 on the Walden grand baby surf team arrives you start making "Walden baby" clothes and kid's surfboards of course. "Walden baby" is now a few years old, our products have been featured in several magazines and have been drooled, dripped, and spit on by almost every Walden grand baby...we don't know a better quality test .Visit our website to order the perfect gift for any surfer baby or visit our store in Ventura for more surfer baby items like bibs, blankets, dresses, books, and more.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Walden Surfboards Teeniest Wahine

We just know we are watching a future superstar in the making. Vanina may only be 12 but she may be one of the most versatile surfers in years, not just for her age but anywhere. Vanina is shortboarding, longboarding, SUP'ing, and as if that isn't enough an amazing tandem partner to tandem legend Bobby Friedman. Her signature heart boards are turning heads almost as much as she is on them. Already at 12 Vanina is a true waterwomen..ok maybe watergirl!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Walden Wahine "Summerland" series

New! The Walden Wahine "Summerland" collection, inspired by California.
Walden Surfboards launched its Walden Wahine series in 2002, inspired by classic Hawaiian designs. Walden Wahine quickly became the top selling women's surfboard line

In 2009 we decided to launch our second collection called "Summerland" which is inspired by California and the classic California surfer girl. This collection has a hippie-beachy-earthy feel but with a modern twist. Currently this collection is only available direct from Walden Surfboards. The full collection will be online at shortly.

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Lucy Love make-out dress

California Leash Make-up clutch


Catherine Weitzman Jewelry

For those of you that can't make it to our flagship store in Ventura, Ca. you can still get find plenty of Walden surfboards and gear on our website. The walden surfboards website is full of information about our 2009 range of surfboards including a huge selection of boards you can order online. We also offer apparel, supplies, gifts and of course Walden gear but we have not forgotten the girls. The Walden website has information about our famous Walden Wahine surfboards, including fabric choices Coming soon will be information on our new wahine collection.

Also on our website is great Walden girl gear and some chic boutiquey items. We carry surf stuff but our store is really about unique brands that represent all aspects of the beach/surf/island lifestyle. Some of our favorite brands include: Lucy Love, Lilly Pulitzer, Island Cowgirl, Hinu Jewelry, Havaianas, Island company & Capri blue candles just to name a few.

Check us out at

Thursday, March 26, 2009

Walden Surfboards is calling all Lilly Pulitzer surfer girls

Calling all Lilly Pulitzer surfer girls, Surf's up! Just arrived the Lilly Pulitzer surfboards, featured above is "Juice Stand" and below "Charge it". ( Not pictured is "Smooches") .
The first signature shops to get their Lilly surfboards are "Life's a Beach" in Duck, NC 252-261-6569 and Palm Garden in Wilmington, NC 910-256-9984 or order direct from Walden Surfboards at 805.653.1717

I Heart Walden Surfboards

New for Spring our " Hearts" surfboards. This pair is for Walden team rider, 11 year old Vanina Walsh, she picked the colors and we think they look fresh and "Springy". The green and pink heart surfboard is a 4'10 shortboard..yes 4'10. It is just about the cutest surfboard ever made. The yellow and green heart board is a 7'2 SUP.

Heart boards are available in any color combination in almost any model. To order 805.653.1717