Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Another fabulous Lilly Pulitzer surfboard

Lilly girls get ready to go "ooooohhh".
Late Spring we get a call from a a guy that wants to order a custom Lilly Surfboard for his girlfriend who is a Lilly lover...aren't we all! It's a big surprise and he wants to a find the perfect Lilly fabric for the board. It takes him weeks to track down just the right fabric, he finally finds it on ebay and has it shipped to us from overseas. He wants the color pink on the board to be just right and match the fabric exactly, we come up with a great color scheme and start the board. He calls us to make sure his girlfriend's name is written on the back of the board so it will always be hers.
Start to finish this board took almost 4 months to make and it is fabulous, but the best part is not how totally terrific the board looks but that this is a big surprise, the lucky girlfriend has no idea she is getting a completely custom Walden 9'0 Lilly Pulitzer surfboard and its not for Christmas not her birthday its a "just because I love you" gift. ooooohhhhh

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