Thursday, October 29, 2009

Walden Surfboards kid's surfboards

Walden Surfboards has been making kid's longboards for years, we have to, Steve Walden is the proud grandfather of 15 grand kids and 1 great grand kid and the grand kids alone keep him shaping. Actually when we launched the Walden Wahine line almost 8 years ago we got inundated with mom's that also wanted surfboards for their kid's so Walden Kid's was born.
All of kid's boards are based on the famous Magic model, our best selling surfboard shape. You can pick any design that our adult boards come in including stripes, panels, colored rails, flames etc. but we also offer super cute and super chic designs just for kid's like hearts for girls and mini flames for boys.
We did this chic 5'6 surfboard using the artwork of super cool designer Heather Ross, the board features swimming mermaids, seahorses and octopus on sea foam blue board. This board is almost too sweet to wax, we know many of these pint size surfboards never make it to the water and are strictly for kid's rooms. In the past we have made surfboards to match wallpaper and bedding.
For more information of Kid's surfboards contact is or 805.653.1717

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