Monday, June 8, 2009

Walden Surfboards at the Marlton, NJ Lilly Pulitzer store

Steve, Shawn with the Lilly Surfboard & Jeep, Marlton, NJ

Walden Surfboards hit the road late May for the 2009 USA tour of Walden dealers on the East coast, pan handle and Texas. We have a full quiver of sample surfboards to show our core dealers. Included in the mix are a single wahine and a single Lilly Pulitzer to show our surfer girl friendly dealers.

On the way back from one dealer, we stopped for dinner and accidentally ended up in front of a Lilly Signature store. In front of the Lilly Signature store was the most outrageous and fun Lilly Signature jeep, decked out in pink and green flowers. A photo op in the making, the Lilly Surfboard had to be photographed with the Lilly Jeep. The Jeep was at the Marlton, NJ Lilly Store.

Turns out the Marlton, NJ Lilly Pulitzer signature store has Walden fans, manager Shawn Baker already owns a Lilly Walden. Shawn's store could not have been more friendly and beautiful, her store felt like a little tropical oasis, they even had beer on hand for Steve so he could sit and chill while the girls chatted it up all things Lilly.

For a great Lilly Experience visit Shawn and her team at The Promenade at Sagemore, 500 Rt. 73 South, Marlton, NJ 08053 phone: 856-489-6751. Contact Shawn as well if you want to order a Lilly Surfboard

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