Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Walden Wahine blog debut

Welcome to the launch of the Walden Wahine blog. We started the Walden Surfboards blog a few months ago and have had so many requests for a seperate place just for the girls we decided to start a 2nd blog.

We hope to share a bit of what goes on at Walden surfboards, and the girl side of the brand - Walden wahine. When we started Walden wahine 6 years ago we decided to do it right, not take a men's board paint it pink and call it a girls board. Our Walden wahine boards are made for women, they are as beautiful as they are functional. We have been thrilled to see how many girl's ( of all ages) first boards were Walden Wahine's

So we hope to give you an insiders view of the the Walden wahine brand.We also hope to make this blog interactive, we want to hear your stories..whether it be about your favorite board, secret surf spot or just cool pictures with your board.

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